Adjunct Faculty Association at Nassau Community College


Charles Loiacono, Editor                                                  Vol. 33, No.2  October  2005



Membership Authorizes AFA President to Call a Strike at His Discretion

AFA and NCCL Announce Endorsements



Inside This Issue:

The Union's Position







   Strike Vote

            In an outstanding vote of support for the AFA President, the membership voted to authorize AFA President Charles Loiacono to call a strike at his sole discretion.

            Speaker after speaker praised the leadership of the AFA and declared their determination to stand together in a united front against the failure of the administration and the Board of Trustees to negotiate in good faith.

            President Loiacono described some of the amateurish antics of the college negotiators. He informed the standing-room only crowd that the attorney for the Board of Trustees had reached out to Marty Scheinman, a well respected arbitrator, to intervene. Arrangements are now being made for a super-conciliation session. Hopefully, Scheinman’s skill will obviate the need for a strike. (See “The Union’s Position” on page 2.)

Political Endorsements

            Inside this issue are printed the AFA and the NCCL (Nassau County Coalition of Labor) endorsements for candidates running for office in Nassau County.

            The leadership urges you and all those in your sphere of influence to support all candidates with union endorsement.