Adjunct Faculty Association at Nassau Community College


Charles Loiacono, Editor                                                  Vol. 34, No.7  March  2007


Union Seeks Monetary Award


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           After a merry-go-round of yes and no, give and take, yes we can and no we can’t, the leadership took the bull by the horns and filed for arbitration to settle the question of the administration’s culpability vis-à-vis their raid on the AFA’s jurisdiction.

            The raid began several years ago when the administration surreptitiously began to move ESL classes into the continuing education budget. Their goal was to save money or move it in another direction.

           The irony in this is that they were saving bundles of money every time these courses were designated for adjunct assignment. With the adjunct faculty responsible for teaching more than half the classes at NCC while representing only 11% of the budget, the cost of offering ESL classes was already rock-bottom.

             “The administration was hungry to have access to money for some purpose we are unaware of as yet,” offered AFA President Charles Loiacono. “There is another strange aspect to this illegal move,” the AFA president added. “While they had individuals teaching longer hours at a reduced salary, some were earning big bucks. We plan to investigate the relationships between the administration and some individuals, because the administration wants some of these persons to continue teaching many more contact hours than the contract permits.”

            The union will be seeking back pay for all those that previously taught ESL for the English, Reading, and Communications departments, the salary differential for those paid under the continuing education budget, and union dues not collected because of the violation.